How To Clean Your House When Visitors Are On Their Way

Your house isn’t clean and you have company coming soon. Here’s some suggestions on how to make the most of your limited cleaning time.

Start where they will, at the front door. If you don’t have a lot of time you’ll need to use it wisely. Pick up anything that doesn’t belong. Start outside your front door and work your way through the main areas of your house. It might help to walk through with a container that you can throw things in, or you might build piles in the dirtier rooms that belong to others in the house. Don’t forget to clean off tables, end stands, and counters. Remember this isn’t a time to organize, so don’t get distracted.

After you’ve picked up everything you’ll need to vacuum. Again, start at the entrance and work your way through the main areas leaving things like bedrooms and rugs for last. Don’t be afraid to borrow a vacuum from the neighbor if you have someone who is helping you and divide up the house so you can finish it quicker. The borrowed vacuum will need to be returned so have that person do a smaller section of the house.

Sweep, mop and wipe down surfaces. This will take time, which you might not have, so be realistic. Wipe things off with cleaners and rags and do a quick sweep and mop. Again, don’t be a perfectionist. Just be quick and stick to the parts of the house that guests will spend most of their time.

Hit the bathroom. Yes, clean the toilet, everyone likes a clean bathroom. Everything should be picked up and you should have cleaning supplies out. Key areas are the sink, mirror, and toilet. If you have time, a tub scrub would be nice (but if your company isn’t going to be using the shower feel free to skip the tub). Putting clean towels and hand towels up would be a nice touch too.

Take a walk through your house again and tidy up anything you missed. Make sure you’ve got dishes put away, clean counters, and hazard-less floors. If you want to go the extra mile, scrubbing scuff marks off of walls and washing baseboards go a long way to making things look cleaner.

Pick up the yard (if you have one), starting with the front and making your way around back.

If you have more time or helping hands, consider mowing and dusting.

Add some fragrance. It’s easy to light a candle while your cleaning and it will help add to the atmosphere that your house is not only clean to the touch, but smells good as well. If you have multiple candles or plug-ins, use them in the bathrooms as well as the main living areas.

When you’re in a crunch it’s best to remember that your company will only see certain parts of your house, so, start with those areas and the areas they will be spending most of their time. Good luck!


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